Amiad Filtration Systems: 

Amiad has helped farmers to meet their needs for clean water by developing a comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient automatic self cleaning filters, semi-automatic filters and manual filters for use in irrigation systems. ATC is the exclusive representative of Amiad in the Thai irrigation market.


1. Amiad - Irrigation
1. Adirom - Greenhouse


Adirom is a leading engineering company specializing in the field of climate systems for greenhouses. The company has vast proven experience in the design, delivery, installation and operation of such systems. The company specializes in providing solutions that fully meet customer needs. 

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ENMT Ltd was established in 1992 in Israel. The management’s experience in the greenhouses business lasts from 1974. ENMT’s engineering designs of greenhouses types, are in use by many greenhouses manufactures & suppliers worldwide

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Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced films for a wide variety of agricultural applications, with special emphasis on greenhouse covers, mulches, VIF films and also a range of non-agricultural applications.

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MAPAL specializes in solutions for the hydroponics growers, enabling them to collect, re-use and/or recycle the drainage water & nutrients. Mapal‘s Agro dynamic team develops innovative technology, offering the growers high quality, low cost and long lasting, efficient solutions. We are committed to the needs of the soil-less culture growers.

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5. Paskal - Greenhouse


Paskal is dedicated to increasing global awareness of agricultural developments and to trellising methods. Paskal develops, manufactures and markets agricultural equipment for both orchards and greenhouses.

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Politiv produces a large variety of film for agricultural, horticultural and industrial use. All politiv films are made from virgin high quality resins and produced under strict quality control systems certified by ISO 9002.Politiv-Logo page

7. Trinog - Greenhouse


Trinog-xs Greenhouse is a supplier of complete facilities solution for modern commercial horticulture. If you wish to start your horticulture business, Trinog-xs can help you from A to Z. Our aim is to help you realize high efficient production and profit through reasonable investment.By our team’s innovation and flexibilities, Make your work easier.

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For more than 65 years Genap has specialized in geosynthetic applications in the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil projects. Solutions for the safe storage of drinking water. We produce customised geosynthetic solutions at our factory in ‘s-Heerenberg in the Netherlands. For on-site installation, we have our own installation teams who are deployed worldwide.

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9. Galcon - Greenhouse


Galcon is a leading manufacturer of computerized irrigation controllers. Based on a combination of farming expertise and advanced computer technologies, Galcon’s products fill a wide range of household needs in the professional landscaping and agricultural market.

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For 50 years, BERMAD has been the recognized pioneer and world leading provider of high quality Hydraulic Control Valves. Incorporating advanced flow control technologies, Bermad’s best of breed solutions have proven themselves in every level of the irrigation, water works and fire protection industries.

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10. Bermad - Greenhouse

Metzerplas Systems & Solutions

Metzerplas specializes in the production of high quality drip and lateral irrigation emitters characterized by their advanced clogging resistance and high suitability in difficult soil conditions, including sub-soil and effluent irrigation. 

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